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We are a fairly new grid that has been established, and is dedicated to provide a virtual environment within the Metaverse that doesn’t discriminate against its members based on the avatar they chose to roam our world in. From the standard Adult avatar all grids provide, we also allow and provide clothing and accessories to those that enjoy to role play in other forms as well. From Anime, Nekos, kid avis, to crazy compete avatar types, whatever you choose to be, we welcome you. Our members won’t get all freaked out just because you prefer to land in, and walk in our world as a furry critter, or otherwise.

We are however selective on who we allow into our Grid. We are a semi-closed, member sponsored Grid that does require you to be sponsored in by friends who are current Grid members. We feel that this is the best way to insure that we don’t allow in those that seem to take pleasure in griefing other members on the grid with rogue scripts or bots, or simply logging in just to create some form of drama within our IM system or group channels. And we have a strict, zero tolerance for drama on MisFitz Grid.

For this reason, to become a resident grid member, you will be required to provide us with the name of the person who has an established account with us that has agreed to speak on your behalf during the initial registration process.

We also provide HyperGrid accessible areas on our Mainland where outside grid accounts can come to visit and explore our world.

misfitzgrid.com:8002/MisFitz Welcome

If you already have someone who has offered to sponsor you, please jump over to the How to Become a Member section of our Forums for more information. Please be sure this person has actually agreed to sponsor. If this member does not support your claim to sponsorship, you can actually hurt your chances of joining us.
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